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About Conference

One of the most pressing issues confronting India at the moment is job creation. However, India’s distinctive and young population offers enormous potential for development, innovation & entrepreneurship. The Indian government has implemented a number of policy measures and efforts to encourage a culture of growth and entrepreneurship in the country. It has also devised a variety of new possibilities and programmes to foster innovation in order to achieve balanced regional growth. In addition, the government recognises the importance of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship in recent years. Their economic contributions are propelling the country’s economy to unprecedented heights. The prime aspect of it aims at entrepreneurs at the forefront of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing access to a variety of networks, financing, training, and markets. In addition, the government intends to help aspiring entrepreneurs in the areas of finance, technology, and marketing by fostering the spirit of “Make in India” through different initiatives. Another area on which the Indian government is focusing is Intellectual Property Rights. As the Intellectual Property system is vital in enabling new companies to translate their innovative potential and creativity into market value and competitiveness. Innovative entrepreneurs can use intellectual property rights (IPRs) to safeguard their ideas. They might also serve a variety of additional purposes, such as communicating present and future business to investors, competitors, and partners, gaining access to knowledge markets, networks & blocking competitors from patenting similar innovations. On the other hand, IP systems can impede the growth of entrepreneurial ideas as well as knowledge diffusion and innovation. At the company level, evidence suggested an association between patenting and new venture growth, venture capital access, and survival. Effective IP systems may aid in access to capital in the growth of technological markets, both of which are beneficial to creative entrepreneurship. Such systems can also foster technical collaboration between enterprises, educational institutions, and Individuals by providing incentives to invest in R&D and innovation. Patents and other kinds of Intellectual Property currently play major roles in the economy, and the way it relates to innovation must be thoroughly considered by IP systems. IP systems also need to adapt and modify IPR policies in order to better match it with the characteristics of today’s innovative world. The biggest necessity of our time is to develop it for the betterment of society via entrepreneurship. To address these concepts, a constant exchange of ideas and information between research groups became necessary. This conference focuses on the link between entrepreneurship & IPRs. AIMT intends to bring academicians, practitioners, researchers, and corporates from all across the globe at one platform to discuss issues, challenges & opportunities and share ideas, perspectives, research, and experiences on the current issues and future prospects in the domains of Entrepreneurship, and intellectual property rights in the ingenious environment. This will also acclimatize students with the changing scenarios in the entrepreneurship and IPR eco-space and to equip them for a better future.

Important Dates

  • Full Paper Submission Ends 26th March 2022
  • Full Paper Acceptance:02nd April 2022
  • Last Date for Registration:06th April 2022
  • Conference Date:09th April 2022

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