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Academic Research Areas

AIMT conducts its academic programs through a number of clearly defined groups called Areas. They consist of faculty members with broadly similar disciplinary backgrounds, teaching, and research interests.

The faculty has the flexibility to initiate inter-disciplinary groups to address issues and management challenges that require a multi-disciplinary approach. The chairperson of the Area coordinates the various activities related to developing and running academic programs. Members in the Area conduct research and publish on a variety of themes.

Marketing area offers many management development programs and customized in-company training programs are all designed to help managers across the nation to appreciate the pivotal role that marketing plays in the success of an organization. Aside from delivering content geared towards customer orientation and customer satisfaction; marketing area at AIMT aims to develop innovative solutions to customer problems and continued improvement process on how to stay ahead of competition through customer orientation. All the marketing sessions and programs are intended to offer our students with the skills, tools, concepts, and practices that they may require to be customer-oriented business leaders, while being thoughtful and ethical.
Faculty Members
Dr. Yaseen Khan
Dr. Pallavi

Finance &Accounting area at AIMT is a multi-disciplinary area with faculty interests centered on financial markets, risk management, banking, valuation, infrastructure financing, IFRS, corporate governance and restructuring. The faculty of the area pursues research that is rigorous and empirical in nature resulting in publications in reputed and refereed journals. The Finance & Accounting area has a multi-disciplinary orientation. The courses and research interests of the area focus on financial management, management accounting and control, the Indian capital and money market, banking, privatization and international finance.
Faculty Members:
Dr Anubhav Verma
Prof. Dharini Raje Sisodia

The proliferation of information technology in organizations and the wide web of local area networks, intranet and internet have changed the way business could be conducted in future. Organizations have started using these technologies not only for automating their operations/activities but also have been using information technology (IT) for harnessing competitive advantage. The primary focus of the area is on the management of information system development, deployment, and support services. Information management enables executives and managers of organizations to make wiser decisions. The ITS area is very active in research also. The area has done research in Big data analytics ,decision support systems, expert systems, computer aided instruction, management information systems, algorithm design, developmental informatics, software export, design of computer and network configurations, IT policy issues at international, national, state, and corporate levels, distributed computing systems including peer-to-peer systems and ad-hoc networks.
Faculty Members
Prof S Mohanty
Prof Pawan Kumar

The area perceives its basic tasks as teaching, research (including case studies) with a view to
(a) understand the working of the economic system and its relationship with the business sector,
(b) analyse the impact of the changing policy regimes on business and
(c) anticipate the policy changes that are likely to occur or should occur in view of the national and international development . Research in the Area has also explored sources of economic growth in India, regional disparities in the country’s growth patterns and differential rates of growth of developing countries
Faculty Member
Dr. Gandhali Vijay Kharge

The Production & Quantitative Methods deals with the science of decision-making in the management context. Operations Research, among other Areas, may focus on integer programming, network optimization and, large-scale optimization in process industry, application of operations research in finance, vehicle routing and location issues. Research in operations management may focus on strategic or operational issues related to manufacturing & service planning, supply chain coordination, shop floor scheduling and improving productivity of plant operations, design of operations (e.g., call centers, hospitals, factory floors), technological change and innovation, R&D capabilities, economics of flexible operations, process planning etc.
Prof Rahul Verma

Individual faculty members pursue research in domains related to their interests, which are disciplinary as well as cross disciplinary. Case Writing is another activity undertaken by all faculty members in the Area. Research output of the Area is disseminated to the academic as well as practitioner community by way of publication in reviewed and popular journals, classroom discussions and Management Development Programs. Some of the cases deal with issues related to specific Areas of Human Resource Management like employee development, performance management, discipline management, trade union management and dealing with strikes.
Faculty Members
Dr Shruti Gupta
Dr Babita Bhati

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